Midweek Grace

The church family comes together on Wednesday evenings during the school year to enjoy fellowship, study groups for all ages, choral and instrumental groups, and children's ministries. Current class offerings and registration information is below. Unless otherwise indicated, classes meet from 6:30–8 p.m.

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    Children’s Ministry

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    (Infant - 2 years old)

    Childcare is provided while a parent or guardian is attending a Mid-Week Grace class. 

    Infants = Purple Room
    1-year-olds = Blue Room
    2-year-olds = Green Room

    Your child will be lovingly cared for by Volunteers who have been screened, background checked, and trained. Your child will enjoy free play and snuggles in our safe, well-equipped nursery rooms.

    Parents or guardians must be attending a Mid-Week Grace class or serving at the church.

    Do I need to bring anything?

    Please bring the supplies your child will need for the duration of their stay. While we have a few extra supplies, children are most comforted by the items they are used to. To save time, please label your child’s items before drop-off. If you forget, we will have tape and markers available.

    What will my child be doing?

    We love getting to connect with babies and toddlers. We play together, enjoy a snack, and read a Bible story.

    For more information, see our FAQ’s page.

    What is available for your use?

    Nursing Room: This room is reserved for nursing moms only and is found just inside our Purple (Infant) Room. You may come and go as needed. There are comfortable gliders and a TV, where the Worship Service is live streamed.

    Cry Room: This room is just outside the Worship Center and can be used by all members of the family. The Worship Service is live streamed, so you can still be a part of the service, while you tend to your child in a more relaxed atmosphere.

    Changing Stations: There is a Diaper Changing Station in all our public restrooms. You are also welcome to use the Changing Station in our Purple (Infant) or Blue (Toddler) Rooms, where you will have access to wet wipes and diapers, if needed.

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    Kidz Klub
    (3 year olds - Kindergarten)

    Younger Preschoolers = Yellow Room
    Older Preschoolers = Orange Room
    Kindergarten = Red Room

    Our Kidz Klub is a place for your child to have fun, while learning Biblical truths. The evening is a bit more high energy and might include some messy activities, so please dress your child to play and have fun!

    Our Volunteers have been screened, background checked, and trained to care for your child. They love working with preschoolers and look forward to each Wednesday night.

    What your child will be learning: We use Group’s Hands On Bible Curriculum. We’ll learn about different concepts of the Bible in fun and engaging ways.

    What your child might do: Your child will engage in a variety of activities, such painting, playing games, eating snacks that go with the lesson, and singing silly songs. There is a Bible Lesson time where your child will learn more about God, the Bible, and Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross.

    If your preschooler needs you: You will be paged (see {How do I check in my child?} for more information) if your child should need you during the evening. Just come back to the room and the Coordinator will explain why you were paged.

    Parents or Guardians should remain in the building while their child attends Kidz Klub.

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    Pioneer Girls
    (1st - 6th Grade Girls)

    Pioneer Girls is a time for fun, developing friendships, and learning about our Savior. Your daughter will connect with other girls led by a female Guide who comes alongside her as a mentor to train them how Christian girls should live and think.

    What your child will be doing: Club begins with saying the pledges and prayer. Most of the evening will be spent working on earning badges, much like Girl Scouts. They might bake something in the kitchen, put together a birdhouse, make a collage, or go hiking. Then it’s time for “Bible Ex” (exploration), where the girls will dig into their Bibles to learn more about what it means to be a girl who follows God. But there is plenty of time for goofiness, too! Don’t be surprised if your girl comes home singing a silly song! Club is lots of fun!

    Special Events: There are a few main events throughout the year:
    Christmas Party
    Father-Daughter Dinner
    Overnight Camp

    To find out more information about the Pioneer Clubs click here.

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    Boys' Brigade
    (1st - 6th Grade Boys)

    Tree Climbers (1st & 2nd Grade): This is an active evening filled with games, fun, and learning in a way that engages 1st & 2nd Grade boys. The evening includes saying the pledges and prayer. There is a Bible lesson time for learning more about what it means to be a man who follows God, which the boys see demonstrated in their Rangers’ lives. They will also spend part of the evening working on earning badges, much like Boy Scouts. But the favorite part of the evening for the boys is playing high energy games, where a boy can be a boy!

    Builders (3rd & 4th Grade) and Sentinels (5th & 6th Grade): Boys’ Brigade is a high-energy club that meets the boys where they’re at and encourages them to live their life as men of God. The evening includes saying pledges and prayer. There is an engaging Bible lesson given by one of the Rangers. A big part of their evening is working on badges, much like the Boy Scouts. But the favorite part for the boys is the high energy game, where they can bring out the boy in them.

    Special Events: 
    Fall Campout
    Pinewood Derby
    Dad-Lad Dinner
    Spring Campout

    The Sentinels are in a special stage in their life and have additional outings and activities. More information is given in Club.

    For more information about the Brigade Program click here.

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    Women’s Ministry

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    Women's Study (Starts 9/28/2022)
    Front Porch (Room 116)

    Debbie Good
    Isaiah (Book/DVD study)

    Do you strive in human strength or rely on God to be what you need? Through the study of Isaiah by Melissa Spoelstra, we will be encouraged to trust God more and strive less because trust is the foundation of all thriving relationships, first with God and then with others.

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    Rooted Women (Fall 2022)
    Germantown Hills

    Karen Cordes
    The Book of James

    This is a continuation of the more casual and neighborly "Summer Sweet Spot" Bible study we began last summer. This group will meet in Germantown Hills on Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8 p.m. Karen Cordes will facilitate the study on James.

    The book of James inspires us to put faith into action in practical ways. Join us in Germantown Hills as we explore such concepts as joy, hardship, faith, wisdom, single-mindedness, taming the tongue, humility, and prayer.

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    Men’s Ministry

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    Men's Connect (Starts 9/28/2022)
    Special Ed Room (Room 172)

    Greg Gipp and Eric Branch
    Forward (Book/DVD Study)

    Forward by David Jeremiah digs into Philippians 3:12-14 to help men focus forward and move past sins and failures to find God’s purpose for their lives. Men will be encouraged to dream, focus, risk, pursue, believe, and finish well.

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    Marriage Matters (Starts 9/28/2022)
    Lounge (Room 132)

    Kerry and Nancy Frantz
    Marriage Matters: Extraordinary Change Through Ordinary Moments

    Join Pastor Kerry and his wife Nancy as they share a Gospel-centered approach to teaching how broken people can own sin, be refined, and grow in their marriages through the power of Christ. This class will help couples learn how to face small issues before they become monumental problems.

    Class starts September 28, 2022.

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    Pastor's Class (Starts 9/28/2022)
    Decisive Issues Facing Christians Today

    Taught by Grace pastors, these classes will examine eight decisive issues through a biblical lens, providing principles to inform discussions, guide prayers, and deepen conversations. Classes will begin on Wednesday, September 28, from 6:30-8 p.m., and are open to all adults.

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    Thinking Biblically About Immigration (9/28)
    Pastor Greg Grindinger

    Immigration is a hotly debated topic that affects us locally. We need to understand history, current events, terminology, immigration agencies, and the multifaceted issues surrounding immigration to apply timeless biblical principles in how we interact with all people, both politically and personally.

    Your Brain and the Gospel (10/5)
    Pastor Paul Utnage

    Cognitive changes affect everyone at every stage of life. These issues can impair learning, working, and relating as they raise more than physical questions throughout the aging process. Cognitive changes can cause us to question our Christian walk and how we practice spiritual disciplines. God speaks into these struggles to help us focus on what creates true satisfaction, deep fulfillment, and meaningful impact.

    Constructed Faith in an Age of Deconstruction (10/12)
    Pastor John Cherne
    Junior High Room

    In our current cultural moment, a movement called deconstructionism has gained influence in breaking down and even tearing apart the historic teachings of the Bible and the Christian faith. In this conversation, we will explore what constructed faith looks like, a faith that is built up and ready to give an answer for the hope that is within us.

    The Christian and Politics (10/19)
    Pastor Sandy Willson

    With national mid-term elections and other local elections on November 8, it is natural for us to ask the question: what role should the Christian take in politics and civic life? In this session we will explore what the Bible says about civic duty and what our Presbyterian heritage has taught us through the centuries.

    The Doctrine of Predestination (10/26)
    Pastor Sandy Willson

    Among Bible-believing Christians there has been significant discussion and debate for centuries regarding the doctrine of predestination. In this session we will discover what Presbyterians believe, why they believe it, and what difference predestination makes.

    Thinking Biblically About Modern Warfare (11/2)
    Pastor Greg Grindinger

    U.S leaders face complex decisions regarding if, when, and how to respond to U.S. vital interests overseas. Christians question when it is right to go to war and what is right conduct in war. By understanding the history, mission, resources, and organization of the Department of Defense, we will learn to interact biblically with current discussions regarding the global involvement of U.S. military.

    Bloodshed, Violence, and a Loving God (11/9)
    Pastor John Cherne
    Junior High Room

    What is with all the bloodshed? What is the deal with all the sacrifices and violence in the Bible? These are some of the questions we will consider as we examine God’s means of grace, justice, and wrath.

    Healthy In-law Relationships (11/16)
    Pastor Sandy Willson

    When marriages occur, everyone in the extended families is hopeful that relationships across family lines will be smooth as silk. Too often, they are not. In this session we will discuss some secrets that help us promote healthy and happy relationships with our in-law families.

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    English as a Second Language (ESL)

    Classes start at 6 p.m. for anyone who would like to learn English as a second language. There will be four levels of classes. Students may enroll at any time. There is a $25 workbook fee.

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