Discover Grace

Discover Grace is the perfect "next step"
after attending A Taste Of Grace!

If you are new to Grace and looking to get connected, then Discover Grace is for you. With three interactive sessions it's a fun, low-key time that provides you and your family with an easy way to check out Grace and discover a place to WORSHIP,  to CONNECT and grow in your spiritual journey and answer the call of your heart to SERVE and REACH in your community. We meet in The Lounge (in the corner next to the cafe seating area) the second, third, and fourth Sundays of the month during the Sunday school hour (9:45 to 10:45 a.m.).

Discover Grace also offers a sample of of how Grace works through a tour and time with a connect group where you'll be able to expereince the ministries at Grace, meet ministry leaders, and get conencted to the family of Grace! We hope you'll join us at the next Dsicover Grace or even take the next step by becoming a member. Sessions run the Spring and Fall with the next start date listed below.

Next class session starts August 12th.