Membership and Baptism

A Simple Path

Grace has a simple path to membership and baptism.  If you are ready to do either or both of these, register to attend the appropriate classes described below.  Due to COVID, no classes are currently scheduled.  However, complete the applicable form and we will schedule a Zoom meeting.  Our next Children's Membership class is tentatively set for February 2022.

Membership Classes

Discover Grace is now identified as our membership class for adults and teens.  Participants in this three-hour class (offered over three Sunday schools or in one three-hour sitting) will learn the theology taught at Grace (Jesus, the Bible, sin, salvation, grace, Holy Spirit, the church, discipline, spiritual gifts, baptism, Lord's Supper), our denominational and church practices and leadership structure, and membership privileges and responsibilities.  Attending the class will lead to church membership.

Register for Discover Grace (Adult and Teen Membership Class)

Children's Membership Class is designed for children in the grades of 3rd through 6th grade.  Participants in this class will learn the gospel of salvation using a six-part outline from "Kids' Evangelism Explosion," write and deliver a personal testimony of salvation, understand the meaning of the Lord's Supper and how to prepare for and participate in it, and understand the privileges and responsibilities of church membership.  This class is written with 3rd - 6th graders in mind.  However, younger or older children may participate upon request of the parents.  7th - 8th graders may participate in this class or in Discover Grace.  Also, one parent or guardian must participate with the child in the class in order to reinforce the learning between classes.

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Baptism Class

Baptism Class is a one-hour class for anyone desiring to baptize an infant or to be baptized themselves as believers.  We will cover the meaning of baptism, who should be baptized, and the various modes of baptism.  We will answer all of your questions about baptism and arrange for it to take place during one of the scheduled Sundays.  For those who are not yet members of the church, we will share the steps for membership.

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