Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions we are asked about Grace Kidz. If you have a question not listed here or is not answered in the other pages of our website, please contact the Interim Director of Children’s Ministry, Julie Cordes. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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    How do I check in my child?

    First Time Guests will need to stop by our Children’s Welcome Desk, inside the Grace Kidz Hallway. One of our Grace Kidz Volunteers will register your family by asking you a few simple questions, such as your child’s name, birthdate and if they have any allergies.

    First Time Guest Registration

    Returning guests can check themselves in on one of our Self Check-in Stations near the entrances to our Children’s Hallways. You will need to use the phone number associated with your profile. Select the service time and classroom your child will be in while in our care. Detailed instructions are near the check-in stations and Grace Kidz Volunteers are ready to assist you, if needed.

    Once registered, your child will be assigned to a classroom based on their age or grade.

    You will then receive two nametags and a security code tag.

    • One name tag is for the child to wear for identification purposes. The nametag includes any allergies your child has, if applicable.
    • Another name tag is handed to your child’s teachers, so they have a record of the children in the room.
    • The third tag is used to pick up your child. It consists of an alpha-numeric code that is unique to your family and for this visit. You will show this to your child’s teacher at pick up and they will match the code to the one on your child’s nametag. Your child will only be allowed to leave if the codes match.


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    What if my child needs me?

    If your child is especially sad, becomes sick or hurt, or needs you for any other reason, you will be paged by receiving a text on your cell phone. When checking in your child, you will enter your cell phone number, plus your cell phone provider. This allows us to send a text to alert you that you are needed.

    If you do not have texting service or do not have reliable service in our building, you may request a pager at the Children’s Welcome Desk. When you are needed, the pager will vibrate.

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    What will my child be learning?

    On Sunday mornings, Grace Kidz uses The Gospel Project® for Kids, which immerses kids and preschoolers in the gospel through every story, theological concept, and call to mission from Genesis to Revelation. Ultimately, the gospel message changes everything; heart transformation can only take place when a child experiences the gospel. Through The Gospel Project® for Kids, kids and preschoolers will understand the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story—God’s story of redemption.

    The curriculum follows a 3-year Session Plan. For more information, click here.

    We use different programming on Wednesday nights. For more information, please see our [Grace Kidz Wednesdays] page.

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    Who will be taking care of my child?

    Our Volunteers have satisfactorily completed an application, passed a background check, and have been trained before serving. They love working with children and showing them God’s love.

    Our volunteer to child ratios are stricter than the state’s requirements. This allows us to more readily meet the needs of the children and provide fun activities.

    Infants = 1:2
    Toddlers = 1:3
    2-year-olds = 1:4
    3-year-olds through Pre-K 5’s = 1:6
    Kindergarten through 6th Grade = 1:8


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    What are your policies about sick children?

    We strive to keep our classrooms as clean and healthy as possible. All toys and equipment get washed and disinfected regularly. Clorox Wipes and Disinfecting Spray are on hand to be used as needed.

    Frequent hand washing is strongly encouraged. Hand sanitizer is also available in all classrooms. Disposable gloves are available for diaper changes and wound care.

    First Aid Kits are available in each classroom. A Nurse is also on-site, to provide assistance if needed.

    Please click here for our complete “Sick Child Policy.”

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    How will you secure my child's safety?

    Security is very important to Grace Kidz!

    Each family will be issued a unique alpha-numeric code at check in. Only those with this security tag will be allowed to pick up your child.

    Our church’s security team roams the church and children’s hallways, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity and to be readily available in case of an emergency.

    Plans in case of an evacuation, inclement weather, and an unauthorized person in the children’s area are available in each of the classrooms.

    Classrooms must have 2 Volunteers in place before we begin accepting children. Only trained Team Leaders change diapers. Restroom doors must be open, at least partially, when Volunteer assistance is needed.

    Classrooms are equipped with toys and equipment that are age appropriate and are inspected regularly to be sure they are still functioning safely.

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    Will my child be given a snack? What if my child has allergies?

    All our snacks are nut and peanut free. We check our labels carefully to be sure they have not been processed in a plant that also produces nut or peanut products.

    If your child has other allergies or dietary needs, you are welcome to bring their own snack. Please label the container well and let your child’s teacher know at drop off. Veggie Straws are available, if needed.

    Purple (Infant) Room: If your child is old enough, Gerber Puffs will be given “on demand”, per the parent/guardian’s wishes. If your child brings a bottle or cup, please leave instructions with the Team Leader. There is a small fridge and bottle warmer available.

    Blue (Toddler) Room: Snacks will be given during each service, per the parent/guardian’s wishes. Snacks might include Puffs, Goldfish, Nilla Wafers, or Graham Crackers. If you are concerned about the snack, please discuss this with the Team Leader. If your child brings a bottle or cup, please leave instructions with the Team Leader. There is a small fridge and bottle warmer available.

    Preschool Rooms: When a snack is offered, it is often Goldfish or Nilla Wafers. However, other snacks might be given to go with the lesson. Please discuss any concerns with your child’s teacher.

    School age Rooms: Snacks are not scheduled on a weekly basis. However, please discuss concerns with your child’s teacher, as it is not unusual for treats or snacks to be handed out on special occasions.

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    Potty Training?

    My child is beginning Potty Training. How will you support us?

    Your child is reaching a big milestone in their development and we know that any deviation from the norm can be a set-back in this process.

    When you drop off your child, let the Team Leader know your child is potty training. Your child will be given a special sticker so all the Volunteers in the room will know. If there is a specific time to take the child to the restroom, the Team Leader can note this on their sticker.

    The restrooms in each of our preschool rooms have a child-sized toilet so the child can feel comfortable going to the restroom. The restrooms have dutch-doors so Volunteers can enter to assist the child, but still remain in view of other workers.

    Accidents happen! Please bring a change of clothes, just in case it’s needed. We do have some extra clothes, if you forget, but it’s less embarrassing to wear your own clothes that fit well.

    Please Note: our toilets flush automatically. If your child is frightened by a flushing toilet, please let the Team Leader know. They can cover the sensor until your child has finished.

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    How can I help my child adjust to going to church?

    Talk to your child about coming to church and create an excitement about attending. At drop-off, give them a quick, but warm, good-bye hug and then leave. Your child’s teachers have experience with calming a child and helping them adjust to new experiences.

    If your child continues to be excessively unhappy, we will notify you with a text or page, as you indicated at check-in.

    Consistent church participation helps children develop a sense of trust and security with their classroom and it will become easier for your child to attend their class without you.

    It is also helpful for you to pick up your child on time. It can be upsetting to be the last child in the classroom.

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    What is there for me to do while my child is in his class?

    We have many classes and programs available for parents. For a list of some of the things we offer, click here.

    We also invite you to get involved by serving within the church. We especially invite you to become a part of the Children’s Ministry team by serving in one of our classrooms – either with your child or in another room.

    For more information, please see our {Volunteer} page.