Lyrics & Readings

The Drive-In Church Service will be at 8:30 a.m.

  • This service will take place outdoors in the north parking lot.
  • No limit on attendance (other than the physical space of the parking lot).
  • A sound system will be set up, and we have an FM transmitter! You can listen in on 103.1 FM in the parking lot (it's a low-power transmitter*, so you can only receive the radio signal in the parking lot).
  • Parking attendants will be coordinating and guiding the parking, utilizing every other parking space.
  • If you choose to sit outside your car, we ask that you sit in the empty space on the passenger side or directly in front of your car to maintain appropriate distance.
  • Feel free to bring lawn chairs or blankets. You may also choose to stay in your car and roll down your windows or listen on the radio.
  • Because we are outside, masks can be worn at your own discretion.
  • Because there will be no video screen outdoors to display lyrics to the worship songs, we are posting the lyrics for the worship songs here (see below) and on Facebook the Friday before the service. You can print them out at home, or just look at them on your phone/tablet.
  • The only accessible restrooms will be those right inside the north canopy entrance.
  • We ask that all adults and children exercise proper social distancing. For safety and to prevent distraction during the service, the playground will not be open.

Click here for this Sunday's lyrics & readings!



*Transmitter is compliant with FCC Part 15 regulations.