Thank you for your interest in serving in Grace Kidz! This page will give you more information on serving in Children’s Ministry and give you resources you need as you serve.

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    Importance of Serving

    Why is serving in Children’s Ministry so important?

    • The impact you make serving in Children’s Ministry has eternal benefits. According to a Barna study, the probability of professing faith in Christ is highest among children under the age of 13. In fact, 43% of Americans who accept Christ, do so before reaching their teen years. Each aspect of the child’s experience in our children’s programs teaches him or her something about God, Church, and living a Christian life. Each of these “seeds” brings a child closer to professing faith in Christ or helps the child grow in their faith in God.
    • Jesus himself valued children.
      Luke 18:16 says, “But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”
    • Grace Kidz Volunteers ministers to the whole family.
      We support parents as they train their child in the way they should go.
      We help parents by teaching the Bible to their children, perhaps on a deeper level than the parent is able to go.
      We provide care for their child so the parents can worship God with adult peers, getting refreshed and growing in their own relationship with God.
      We play an important role in giving the whole family a positive experience as they come to Worship our Lord.  
    • It’s just plain fun!
      Where else can you serve while playing and doing fun activities? Plus, you get hugs and colorful pictures as a thank you straight from a child’s heart. You will find that serving blesses you and encourages you in ways you never thought possible.
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    Volunteer Openings

    We have many Volunteer spots available, including:

    • Nursery Volunteers – Snuggle and play with babies and toddlers.
    • Department Coordinators – Lead a team of volunteers and organize the lesson for the kids.
    • Special Needs Buddies – Partner with a special needs child to help them participate in classroom activities.
    • Worship Leaders – Lead songs for the kids or play instruments as the kids sing. 
    • Small Group Leader (“Table Teacher”) – Help the kids with crafts, activity sheets, asking discussion questions, and interact with the kids on a more personal level.
    • Story Tellers – Give the Bible lesson in a large group setting.
    • Room Helpers – Assist in the classroom as needed.
    • Secretary – Greet the kids as they arrive to class, help check the kids in, check the kids out, keep track of birthdays, etc.
    • Pioneer Girl Guides – Help with a group of girls on a Wednesday night.
    • Boys’ Brigade Rangers – Help with a group of boys on a Wednesday night.
    • Substitutes – Be on a call list when we need help on Sundays, Wednesdays, and for Special Events.
    • Special Events Volunteers – Help with events like the Kidz Living in Grace Conference, Good Friday Service, etc.
    • Welcome Team – Greet families as they arrive and assist with check-in as needed.
    • Behind the Scenes Help – Options include doing some administrative work, checking room supplies, cleaning toys, helping with craft prep, etc.


    If you have a talent or interest not listed, please fill out the form by clicking the button below and include this in the space provided.

    Grace Kidz Volunteer


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    Policies, Procedures, Guidelines

    Our policies, procedures, and guidelines help ensure our Children’s Ministry is safe, secure, and runs in a way to best minister to Grace Kidz Families. Take a look through the documents below.


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    Curriculum Resources

    My Curriculum Manager – download digital copies of The Gospel Project resources, such as the Lesson Video and activity sheets. A log-in is required. Contact Julie Cordes if you need permission to view the resources.

    My Curriculum Manager

    The Gospel Project Blog – articles containing information, training, and resources for using the curriculum more effectively.

    The Gospel Project Blog

    The Gospel Project for Kids app (For Android or iOS) – while meant for kids and parents, using this app is an easy way to preview the lesson. While there is a free version, for 99 cents each quarter, you can view the lesson video and listen to the unit theme song in addition to seeing the Big Picture Question and Key Passage. This is an easy way to preview the lesson, especially if you are a Room Helper. (Lesson Leaders should study the lesson from the leader’s book.)

    The Gospel Project App


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    Other Resources