Grace 150
A Journey of Unlimited Grace

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The Vision of Grace 150

We are celebrating our 150th Anniversary this year! Grace Presbyterian Church was established on May 1, 1868. We will be having a celebration during the Sunday School hour (9:45-10:45) on Sunday, June 3, in the Worship Center. We are also undertaking the challenge of the Grace 150 Campaign to bless as we have been blessed. We want to ensure that the grace we have received from faithful generations is available to future generations. It must reach the hearts and lives of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren—and the new children God is bringing from all nations.

In order for Grace to nurture the children that God is committing to our care and spiritual development, we need to address the following priorities:

  1. Mortgage Elimination
    We need to pay off the balance of our mortgate to free us from the burden of debt and release those funds into ministry.
  2. Children's Ministry
    We need to make upgrades and enhancements to our facility, especially in the children's area.
  3. Global Discipleship
    We want to continue to invest in the global witness and evangelism of future generations by enabling and supporting media and mission activity around the world.


The Goals of Grace 150

$2,100,000 Retiring the Mortgage
$550,000 Enhancing Children's Ministry
$150,000 Furthering Global Discipleship
$2,800,000 Total Financial Goal


Reaching the Goals of Grace 150

  1. Multi-Year Commitment (ending on December 31, 2020)
  2. Gifts of Assets or Appreciated Stock
  3. Estate Gifts
  4. Prayer for God's Blessing upon All Generations and Peoples through Grace Presbyterian Church


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