Women's Fall Workshops

Fall is the time we gather back together from the busy summer season! The Women's Ministry of Grace Presbyterian Church invites you to gather with us on October 21, 2023, for a day of practical workshops, good food, and great fellowship.

We will offer four workshops from which you may choose three. We will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the West Atrium for coffee and end with an opportunity to talk with each speaker until 2:30 p.m. This is the perfect place to bring friends and family to get to know our Grace Pres. women and be encouraged.

The fee is $30 (includes lunch). The Flower Arranging workshop is an additional $15. Contact Elizabeth Parker to inquire about scholarships.


Here are the sessions that will be offered:

Social Media and Mental Health | Beth Vanne, LCPC

Social media can be fun and help keep us connected but it can also cause us to compare ourselves to others—at least the parts they want us to see. We see others living their “best lives” and we feel left out or left behind. Without wise boundaries, social media can steal our time, confidence, and happiness—ours and our kids.

In this discussion-based workshop, Beth will help us understand the good and bad aspects of social media and how to develop healthier boundaries for our use of it.

Our Next Seasoning Years–Yours and Mine | Sue Parr, MS, BSN, RN

(For ages 35+ and older who love these years and want to love them.)

So much more information is given to young women through puberty and the next 10-20 years than is given to women as we continue to age. The more women I talk with, the more I hear the same experiences: I just did not fully know that this was what was going to happen or what to expect! The discussion about what happens to our bodies after the childbearing years stops, or at the minimum, is at least lowered to a soft whisper that is barely audible. Join us to learn about these changing years.

In this workshop, Sue will help us:

  1. Understand the changes we may experience as we mature.
  2. Foster a sisterhood of growing older with grace and understanding towards ourselves and each other–our mothers, daughters, sisters, friends.
  3. Give us practical things we can do to enjoy and thrive as we age and not feel like a victim of aging.

Flower Arranging | Jessica Martin, Maiden Reed & Stem, owner

Flowers brighten our homes and lives. No one knows that better than Jessica Martin, the owner of Maiden Reed & Stem.  This workshop will be hands-on. Jessica will:

  1. Talk about using the flowers/stems available to us in each season.
  2. Teach us how to put together a beautiful, natural bouquet.
  3. Give us the steps and confidence we need to make our own arrangements for our homes and gifts.

Each woman will make and take home her own flower arrangement with fresh flowers. The additional cost for this workshop is $15.

Living What Really Matters to You | Brenda Garrison

Say "yes" to what matters and "no" to what doesn’t.

Many of us feel pulled in a million directions, wondering if we are making an impact in any area of our lives. Today’s culture is filled with many good expectations, responsibilities, pressures, and opportunities, but not everything is best for us. In this workshop, Brenda will help you:

  1. Name what really matters to you.
  2. Embrace and live in the season of life you are in.
  3. Understand that it is ok to not be everything to everyone, now or ever.
  4. Thrive in the season you are in by knowing what to say yes to and saying no without guilt.