2019 Church Directory

Hello family and friends. You’re invited to be a part of our new photo directory. Our last directory was printed in 2013. As you look around you today, you will see that we have new families, there have been weddings, and babies, and kids who are young adults now. We’re changing, and a new photo directory will help us capture these changes. 

Our scheduled photo shoots are:

March 5-9 (5 days)

March 12-16 (5 days)

April 9-13 (5 days)

These dates run Tuesday through Saturday, and there are many time slots available each day to accommodate everyone’s schedules. Photos will be taken in the lower level in Room 015. 

There is no charge to you or the church to have your photo taken. Lifetouch makes its money when people voluntarily choose to purchase photo packages from them. 

If you have questions, or if you have any trouble with the online sign-up, please contact Jerrad Maher at 309-589-6470. You can also email him at jmaher@gracepres.org. For those without computer access, we will have a table in the Atrium on February 24 and March 3. If you would like to submit your photo please email Jerrad the photo or bring it in to the office. The photo requirements are:

  • High quality 5"x7" or smaller photograph or a digital file sized at 250 dpi and 2.5 inches wide
  • Head and shoulder view in full-color

If a submitted photograph was taken by a professional photographer other than Lifetouch, it is copyright protected by that photographer. You will need to enclose a Submitted Photo Publication Authorization for that photograph, which gives Lifetouch permission to print it in your directory.

We want all members and non-members to participate. Our goal is to have everyone who attends Grace be in the directory!

“When I arrived in early 2009, the new directory had just been published. I carried it around with me whenever I was at the church to learn the names of the people of Grace. That and the 2013 directory are two of my most prized possessions. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the 2019 directory. Please sign up for a time slot during one of the 15 days the Lifetouch team will be here.” Pastor Greg Grindinger

Our directory won’t be complete without you!

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