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    Grace Youth Summer Camp 2017
    Star Wars
    June 19-24 / Lake Geneva, WI

    It is a week students look forward to all year long because of the unique qualities our camp has. Each day is filled with team games, fun activities, lots of free time, worship, a great speaker, and small group break-out sessions (divided up by gender and age). Students have great fellowship with one another all week long, developing great life-long friendships and drawing closer to God at the same time. This year, our theme is “The Spirit is strong with this one”, focusing on the power and role of the Holy Spirit in believers and highlighted in Galatians 5:25: “Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives”. The fun theme out of this is Star Wars!

    Who this camp is for:
    Any student who has completed 7th grade all the way through seniors who graduate in May 2017.

    Camp Dates:
    June 19-24 (Graduated seniors will head up the 18th with John to help set up at no extra cost)

    Camp Location:
    Lake Geneva, WI (Lake Geneva Youth Camp and Conference Center)

    Bill Allison (he has spoken twice before at camp and we are thrilled to have him back!)

    $325.00 (early bird price, if paid by April 26)
    $350.00 (if paid after April 26)


    1. There is a $25.00 multiple-family-member discount for families that have multiple kids going to the camp. Each family member going receives $25.00 off their camp cost (this applies only to immediate family members living in the same household).
    2. Camp scholarships are available. E-mail John Vanne or have your child pick up a scholarship application at Junior or Senior High youth group. Scholarships will be awarded based on need and in order they are received as the youth budget allows. ***If students receive a scholarship, the multi-family discount will not be awarded as well.


    1. Scholarship application deadline is April 26
    2. Final camp registration deadline is May 28

    Questions: Contact John Vanne

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    Crossed Out Sr. High Ministry
    Sundays, 9:45-10:45 a.m.
    Wednesdays, 6:30-8 p.m.

    Sundays, 9:45-10:45 a.m. / Wednesdays, 6:30-8 p.m.

    We love high school students!

    Our Sr. High ministry is called “Crossed Out” and is based on Galatians 2:20, carrying the overarching theme that “It’s not about me.” We long for students to understand who God is, who God has made them to be, and what God’s personal mission is for them.

    Through our times of teaching and discussion, small groups, events, retreats, and outreach opportunities, we look to help students embrace a “crossed out” lifestyle that is all about loving God, loving others, and making disciples. And of course, we have a lot of fun in the process!

    If you would like to join Crossed Out, please provide your contact information by filling out the form, below.

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    The Way Jr. High Ministry
    Sundays, 9:45-10:45 a.m.
    Wednesdays, 6:30-8 p.m.

    Sundays, 9:45-10:45 a.m. / Wednesdays, 6:30-8 p.m.

    We love junior high students!

    Our Jr. High ministry is called “The Way” and is based on John 14:6, inspiring Jr. Highers to follow Christ and own their faith. Through times of teaching, small groups, and events, we want to give students a solid foundation as they grow spiritually, unify together in fellowship, and reach out to their friends with the Gospel. It’s a safe place to be yourself, have lots of fun, and deepen your relationship with Christ.

    If you would like to join The Way, please provide your contact information by filling out the form, below.